Prix Ex Aequo

The Prix Ex Aequo is an international children's and youth radio drama festival organized every two years by Radio and Television Slovakia in cooperation with the EBU.

The aims of the Prix Ex Aequo Festival are to promote:

  • the creation of radio drama works for children and youth
  • the international exchange of radio drama works for children and youth (productions, texts, artists)
  • the international exchange of theoretical and technical expertise in the creation of radio drama works for children and youth. 

In 2020, the Prix Ex Aequo was held online, starting with online listening to the entries and voting by jury members from 10 October to 4 November 2020.

Owing to a smaller number of competing entries in this year´s edition, the previous categories of radio fairy tales for children and radio plays for youth were merged into one competing category only.

The winners were officially announced in a dedicated live radio transmission on RTVS, Radio Devin channel, on 6 November 2020, as follows:

  • Prix Ex Aequo for Best Radio Play: Mosquitoes Wedding or The Life of Verminous Insects (PLAYgue on Your Houses!), produced by Czech Radio
  • Prix Ex Aequo for Exceptional Execution of a Radio Play: Eva Staaf, director of The Brothers Lionheart, produced by Swedish Radio.




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