NEWS published on 19 Nov 2012

Young Performers of Folk Music

Successful Bulgarian song competition

At the beginning of each year, it has been a tradition for BNR to invite young performers of Bulgarian folk music. For 12 years now the Early on Sunday program on Channel Horizont has been compiling and broadcasting performances of children aged between 3 and 18 years and has been making a radio chart according to the number of listeners’ votes.


The young soloists and folk ensembles who manage to attract the biggest number of votes participate in a gala concert in Studio 1 of BNR which is also broadcast live on Channel Horizont and on BNR’s website.

In 2012 the stage was given to 17 soloists and folk ensembles, playing the bagpipes and kaval (traditional Bulgarian instrument resembling a wooden flute). The children performed authentic songs and folk song arrangements from all over Bulgaria. Artistic and spontaneous, they created a festive atmosphere in the studio and presented skillfully the richness of the Bulgarian folk music.

The prize they received was a diploma and the opportunity to make their first professional recordings with the Folk Music Orchestra of BNR. The Young Folk Talents competition is to take place again in January 2013.

Listen to a compiled mix of folk songs from the 2012 competition

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