PRESS RELEASE published on 30 Nov 2012

Ukraine wins 2012 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Ten-year-old Ukrainian singer Anastasiya Petryk has won the 10th Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her original composition 'Nebo,' meaning 'sky'.

Judges and viewers awarded Anastasiya 138 points for her live performance before an audience of 3,000, at the HMH Arena, in Amsterdam, on Saturday (December 1).

Last year's winners, The Funkids, from Georgia, finished second with 103 points, while Armenia's Compass Band finished third with 98 points.

Despite being only 10, Anastasiya Petryk is no newcomer to the stage. She won 'audience favourite' at the New Wave Junior 2010 and has also performed with Russian and Ukrainian pop singers Leonid Agutin, Philipp Kirkorov, Kamaliia, Iryna Bilyk and Nina Matviienko. She has had vocal coaching since July 2009. 

Junior Eurovision Song Contest supervisor, Sietse Bakker, said millions of fans across Europe had watched the coproduction between the EBU and Dutch public broadcaster AVRO.

“We’re extremely proud to showcase so much young talent from the 12 participating countries,” he said. “We also thank AVRO and the Netherlands for an amazing 10th anniversary celebration.”

The contest also featured performances by young Dutch stars Rachel and Ralf Mackenbach, as well as co-host Kim-Lian van der Meij. 

In addition, participants performed the song, 'We Can Be Heroes', to promote children’s rights worldwide in cooperation with the Dutch charity, Kids' Rights Foundation.

Unlike the Eurovision Song Contest, the country winning the Junior Eurovision Song Contest does not automatically host the subsequent year's contest. An announcement on which country will host the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest is expected in January.

The complete competition leader board:

  1. Ukraine - 138 points
  2. Georgia - 103 points
  3. Armenia - 98 points
  4. Russia - 88 points
  5. Belgium - 72 points
  6. Sweden - 70 points
  7. The Netherlands - 69 points
  8. Israel - 68 points
  9. Belarus - 56 points
  10. Moldova - 52 points
  11. Azerbaijan - 49 points
  12. Albania - 35 points

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You can find high-resolution photos of the winner here.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition for active Members of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), represented by the public broadcasters in their respective countries. The first contest was first held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2003, following the success of the Eurovision Song Contest. For more information about the Junior Eurovision Song Contest please visit

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Eurovision logo

Saturday's Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Amsterdam was the stage for the launch of the new animated Eurovision broadcast logo.