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The Euroradio World Music Workshop in Womex

27 October 2014
The Euroradio World Music Workshop in Womex

Womex, The World Music Expo is arguably the biggest international world music trade fair and exhibition, held every year in a European city. It showcases artists (made available on Euroradio) and organizes conferences and debates.

The Euroradio World Music Workshop (WMW) is a unique occasion for EBU World Music producers to meet and exchange on a very diverse and broad range of topics.

Moderated by World Music Chairman Johannes Theurer (RBB/Germany), the main theme this year was "Broadcasters, Music and Refugees". It led to an exciting and ambitious idea of a new collaborative venture that will coincide with World Refugee Day on 20 June next year, featuring special programmes and concerts.

Like in the previous few years, radio studio facilities are also made available for live transmissions, programme recordings, interviews and music sessions, thanks to a partnership between local partners Radio Galega, WOMEX and NRK (Norway), BBC (United Kingdom), with additional help from WDR and RBB (Germany).


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