NEWS published on 15 Dec 2014

Euroradio Christmas Folk Music Project kicks off the holiday season

Christmas, Noël, Weihnachten, Χριστούγεννα, Karácsonyt and Коледа are just some of the ways that listeners throughout Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region share season’s greetings on the Euroradio Christmas Folk Music Project.

30 EBU Radio Members have contributed to the project, offering listeners a musical Smörgåsbord ranging from bagpipes from Belarus to Finnish folk fiddlers, and jazz carols from Spain to a Cypriot children’s choir.

All this and much more is available in an annual compilation of holiday music that has become one of Euroradio’s most popular programme exchanges which is already available to Members for downloading from M2M.

Taking the audience through a musical journey throughout Europe, the EBU Folk Music Christmas Project has proved very popular for its richness and the diversity of sounds and rhythms.

This Christmas, the Project will again provide a high level of variety encompassing authentic folk, ethno, jazz, pop, traditional and classical music. 46 high quality music pieces offered by EBU Radio Members from 28 countries are presented in a two and a half hour programme.

This project is offered free of cost, except the usual authors' rights paid to national collecting societies. It is available for an unlimited number of broadcasts, in whole or in parts, with no deadline for transmission. Using the project’s music and texts, individual producers are free to design their own programme and running order in their own style to suit their own schedules and listeners.

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