NEWS published on 04 Aug 2015

EBU concerned over damage to official car of RTCG's Director General

The EBU has expressed concern over the recent damage done to a vehicle used by the Director General of Montenegro’s EBU Member RTCG.

According to RTCG, Rade Vojvodic‘s company car was deliberately damaged by unknown perpetrators. They suggest that the sabotage is the culmination of an increase in recent pressure placed on DG Rade Vojvodic and RTCG’s management.

The case has been refered to the police and the prosecutor’s office. RTCG is still waiting for the results of expert analysis from a forensic centre in Danilovgrad.

The EBU is calling on all relevant institutions to promptly and properly investigate the case which is a threat to media freedom.

EBU Director General Ingrid Deltenre says: “Attempts to silence public service media are attacks against free media and freedom of speech, which threatens democracy. As a professional association of 73 members from 56 countries the EBU is committed to European democratic values - one of which is independence. Every attack against this value is intolerable. “


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