NEWS published on 29 Oct 2015

EBU fosters solidarity among Members and NTU

Partnership Programme: The EBU has coordinated a support package for Ukrainian Broadcaster NTU.

NTU is currently undergoing a large restructuring and reform process which aims to establish one broadcasting organisation combining both radio and TV operations. Regional centres will also be included in the new structure as well as a modern converged news room.

NTU Director General Zurab Alasania said he was grateful for the support and advice provided by the EBU, PSM experts, Member organizations and other international players in helping NTU develop a solid vision, mission and action plan. He also showed appreciation for the assistance provided with regard to regional broadcasting. Part of the support is provided by German EBU Member Bavarian Broadcasting (BR) offering 55 hours of TV programmes.

“German public service broadcasters BR will provide us with content that we are extremely lacking at the moment: educational and learning programs” Alasania said, adding that “support from our European colleagues is indeed a reliable ticket to success”.

Director General of BR Ulrich Wilhelm says, “The programme offer aims to support the efforts of EBU and NTU to build an independent and relevant public service broadcaster in Ukraine.”

“Public Service Media is crucial for democracy and is widely supported in societies throughout Europe”, added the EBU’s Director General Ingrid Deltenre. “As a professional organization of 74 Members from 56 countries we foster exchange and promote best practices, but also facilitate support to Members in need, which makes us unique.”