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EBU enhances the process for Peer-to-Peer Reviews

03 May 2016
EBU enhances the process for Peer-to-Peer Reviews

Since the beginning of 2016, the EBU is providing Members with an enhanced peer-to-peer assessment process to look at how they are complying with their public service remit. Taking into account the experience and feedback of the first peer-to-peer reviews completed by CTV, Yle, RTS and RTBF, the EBU has restructured the entire process to make it more straightforward and to better address the issues and challenges that public service broadcasters face.

The peer-to-peer review assesses the performance of the organization against the six public service values defined by the EBU: universality, independence, excellence, diversity, accountability and innovation. The review is a two-step process that includes a self-assessment report and an on-site visit. It results in a bespoke analysis report. Top managers and experts from public service media conduct the review. They highlight the best practices they observe and make suggestions for improvement.

The new version of the peer-to-peer review process includes the questionnaire on transparency designed by the EBU Media Intelligence Service, in order to provide the reviewed organizations with a fully comprehensive analysis of their performance. At the end of the process, the EBU offers its expertise to address any area highlighted by the review.

For further information or to take part to the peer-to-peer review, please contact the Review Secretary Nathalie Labourdette

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