GUIDES published on 09 Nov 2015

Peer-to-peer review on PSM values: the concept

The EBU has launched peer-to-peer reviews to provide Members with dedicated, professional-standard analysis at international level of how they are complying with their public service remits.

The analysis is based on the PSM Values that EBU Members endorsed in Strasbourg in 2012.

The peer-to-peer review assesses both the organization and the offer put forward by the media corporation from a holistic perspective. It highlights best practices while offering comparisons and suggestions for improvements based on the experiences of other public service media organizations.

The review is conducted by top managers and professionals from public service media organizations (‘peers’), who fully understand the issues and challenges relating to public service and are able to provide a vision that is both broad and effective. This dialogue between peers can be a source of inspiration for both the media organization that is being reviewed and its peers.

EBU oversees this peer-to-peer review and provides quality assurance for the final assessment report.

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