EBU acknowledges positive signal for media diversity and pluralism in EU Telecoms package review


The EBU considers the review of the EU Telecoms package as an opportunity to modernize rules which support media pluralism and cultural diversity. Although there is room for improvement, today’s proposal by the European Commission goes in the right direction.

EBU Head of European Affairs Nicola Frank said:  “With all the different distribution platforms available today, what is key is that citizens can continue to be able to access public service media content easily, whether it’s on Digital Terrestrial Television, on satellite, through a cable or IPTV subscription or directly via an Internet connection.”

For the EBU, it is crucial that current audiovisual policy objectives in Europe such as media pluralism and cultural diversity are supported by the revised telecoms rules. Existing EU telecoms regulation notably authorize Member States to enact ‘must-carry’ rules, which ensure that public service media programmes in particular are always available on the main networks (such as cable, IPTV and satellite).

The EBU considers that these rules are essential and should be modernized to reflect the evolution of viewing habits and the type of services provided by broadcasters. 

The European Commission has also published Action Plan for 5G, which is closely linked to the proposal to review EU telecoms rules.

Mrs Frank said: “5G represents a genuine opportunity to further develop innovative public service media offerings if we get the policy right. With an open and interoperable 5G technology platform audiences should have easy, free-to-air and universal access to PSM services without blocking, filtering or gatekeeping.”