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EBU position - EU Regulation on Broadcasters Online Transmissions

18 January 2017
EBU position - EU Regulation on Broadcasters Online Transmissions

The EBU supports the approach put forward by the European Commission in its proposal for a Regulation on broadcasters’ online transmissions and retransmissions. It strikes the balance between the need to give more access to TV content across borders in the Digital Single Market and the importance of safeguarding the contractual freedom of rightsholders and broadcasters. While a certain number of points of the Commission’s Proposal can still be strengthened, it effectively introduces the missing elements which will give broadcasters the efficiency and legal certainty they require to give access to their programmes online, and where desired, outside of their domestic market.

  • More access to TV and radio programmes online in the EU Digital Single Market
  • Appropriate remuneration for rightsholders
  • No weakening of rightsholders’ and broadcasters’ contractual freedom
  • Geoblocking remains possible when deemed necessary by rightsholders or broadcasters
  • No obligation for broadcasters to offer programmes across borders
  • A licensing instrument fit for Europe in the digital age

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