NEWS published on 20 Jul 2017 • Department / Unit Member Relations & Communications

Masterclass on Scheduling held in Albania

A third Scheduling Workshop, facilitated by the EBU's Partnership Programme, has been held with Albanian Member RTSH. It follows successful Masterclasses earlier in the year in Montenegro and Georgia.

Steve De Coninck-De Boeck, from Belgium Member VRT, led the training and shared his experience on TV scheduling with a focus on prime time; understanding the audience; micro scheduling; advertising strategies and the future of linear TV and scheduling. 

He said: "The third Scheduling Masterclass was a solid interaction process with 12 open minded professionals from RTSH. We not only talked about scheduling but tackled topics like commissioning, understanding the psychological needs of audiences and the impact of new technologies and platforms."

The workshop was organised in conjunction with OSCE who said the day had been intensive and inspring for all the participants. 

EBU Head of Member Relations, Eastern Europe, Radka Betcheva said: "The training demonstrates the solidarity in our Union and allows broadcasters to exchange ideas and best practices in an area, which is specific, but important for audience share. We will continue this exchange with interested broadcasters."

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