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Cultural radio managers meet on the fringes of Prix Europa

At the kind invitation of Prix Europa, cultural station managers of public radio broadcasters met at Radio Berlin Brandenburg (RBB) on Friday, 20 October 2017 for their annual plenary meeting, known as the "Berlin Summit".

The theme of this year's conference was "Cultural Radio in Turbulent Times:  Innovation and Responsibility". Participants discussed how the world was being reshaped by relentless technological, social and political changes, and how cultural broadcasters should respond, while keeping track of new audiences’ needs.

A new Radio Culture Group was elected for the term 2018-2019.

Keynote addresses were given by SRG (Switzerland) Director General Roger de Weck on "Journalism and Populism" and Swedish Radio's Director General Cilla Benkö on "Digitization – the Fourth Industrial Revolution". Other speakers were Ole Jan Larsen from NRK (Norway) talking about the world's first switchover to DAB, Sandrine Treiner and Vincent Lemerre presenting France Culture's ambitious revamping, and Karl Karst from Germany's WDR on his organization's success in having listeners become part of an amateur orchestra for a Christmas concert.

Since the Culture Group was meeting in Berlin during the closing days of Prix Europa, a competition which enjoys the patronage of the EBU, this was also an opportunity for those in attendance to discover the best in European radio programming. The following EBU Radio Members were awarded a Prix Europa:

-       SR (Sweden), for "The KGB Agent and the Oil Smugglers" (Best European Radio Investigation)

-       SRF/France Culture (France), for "The Prehistory of the Future" (Best European Radio Fiction Series or Serial)

-       ARD/RBB (Germany), for " 'Papa, We are in Syria' – Joachim Gerhard's Search for Lost Sons and Holy Warriors" (Best European Radio Documentary)

-        DR (Denmark), for "Oh Land", by Jonas Gülstorff, sung by Nanna Øland Fabricius (Best European Radio Music Programme)




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