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Radio Culture Group

The Radio Culture Group makes optimal use of EBU's radio resources to improve the quality of the cultural productions and programming of its Members and to develop new relations with European cultural institutions. Projects include drawing up a list of radio correspondents for better coverage of cultural events of international importance, and a joint calendar of cultural events being celebrated during the year, in order to coordinate productions among public radio broadcasters.

Group Members


Denis Nowlan, BBC (United Kingdom)


Mattias Hermansson, SR (Sweden)


Susanna Arpi, DR (Denmark)
Olga Buckley, RTÉ (Ireland)
Lorelei Harris, RTÉ (Ireland)
Mattias Hermansson, SR (Sweden)
Peter Klein, ORF (Austria)
Karl Karst, ARD/WDR (Germany)
Vincent Lemerre, SRF (France)
Chantal Pattyn, VRT (Belgium)

Contact detail

Laurent Marceau
Manager of Euroradio Eurosonic
+41 22 717 2613

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