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EBU disappointed by European Parliament's position on SatCab Regulation

12 December 2017
EBU disappointed by European Parliament's position on SatCab Regulation

The EBU is disappointed by the outcome of today's vote in the European Parliament on the SatCab Regulation. The opportunity to lay down one of the building blocks of the Digital Single Market has unfortunately been disregarded.

EBU Head of European Affairs Nicola Frank said: "The SatCab Regulation was originally devised to enhance the circulation of content in Europe and enable both consumers and Europe's audiovisual sector to reap the benefits of the Digital Single Market. Today's vote goes against these intentions, maintaining a fragmented European audiovisual market and turning down enhanced access to European culture for citizens."  

She added: "We salute the European Commission for taking a brave step to submit this proposal and respond to the expectations of citizens and consumers. The procedure is not over and we hope that upcoming milestones in the adoption of this Regulation will lead to a better outcome."

As the leading investors in the creation of European content, European public service media will continue supporting a modernization of European copyright rules which is line with the key principles of territoriality and contractual freedom. This is why the EBU has backed the proposal for the SatCab Regulation from the onset: it was developed to respect these principles and at the same time provide a workable framework to offer content across borders, responding to the needs of an increasingly digital, mobile and multilingual European society.



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