NEWS published on 04 Dec 2017

EBU Members launch new pre-school documentary series

A new pilot documentary series for pre-school children is being showcased for the first time at this week’s Children’s and Youth Meetings in Manchester.

The series, “This is Me”, marks the first time EBU Members have come together for such a project.

Six EBU Members - the BBC (UK), KRO-NCRV (Netherlands), NRK (Norway), RTE (Ireland), RTVSLO (Slovenia) and ZDF (Germany) – have taken part in producing the series which focuses on real-life stories of children between 4 and 6 years old.

The aim of the series is to encourage and inspire children whilst presenting the world of pre-school aged children and their points of view in an emotional way. The children invite us to share the joy of their everyday lives, their enthusiasm and passion for the things they deem important, challenges, hobbies or little adventures, what makes them happy and what they are proud of.

“As public service media organizations, part of our remit is to provide young audiences with guidance and support, helping them to develop their talents and abilities independently, leading to a positive and stable self-esteem. This new series does just that,” said Jens Ripke who has coordinated the project for the EBU.

Filmed at a child's eye-level, the documentaries have no narrator with the original off-screen voice and thoughts of the children explaining what is happening. Each episode lasts up to seven minutes and this pilot series comprises six episodes.

Each EBU Member produced one film and received the others. For the next series the aim is for each Member to produce two episodes in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency and enlarge the output.

Highlights from the series can be seen above.

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