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Chinese Ministry for Media visits EBU

22 January 2018
Chinese Ministry for Media visits EBU

A delegation from SAPPRFT, the Chinese Ministry for Media, visited EBU headquarters in Geneva on Friday 19 January for talks on greater co-operation.

The EBU and the Chinese media authorities have a memorandum of understanding to meet regularly to discuss issues of common interest.

Representatives including Tong Gang , the Vice Minister of SAPPRFT,  Yan Chengssheng, Deputy Director General of the International Cooperation Department and Jiang Tao, Director, Stand Office of Government Fund of National Film Development met with among others the EBU’s Media Director Jean Philip De Tender, Head of Music Pascale Labrie and Walid Sami, Senior Project Manager for Technology and Innovation.

Among the topics discussed was a greater collaboration in the EBU’s Music Exchange including admitting China National Radio as a participant and the launch of a collection of musical items related to Chinese New Year.

Discussions also took place on how to work further on the protection of spectrum for broadcasting use. Both Europe and China jointly opposed a request to change this allocation at the WRC (World Radio Conference) in 2015.

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