NEWS published on 04 May 2018

GPB launches new programming for ethnic minorities

(from left) GPB DG Vasil Maglapheridze, Head of Project Ramilya Aliyeva and Media & Communications Director Tinatin Berdzenishvili

The Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) launched a new project to promote regional identities on World Press Freedom Day (3 May).

'Diversity of Georgia' aims to support the integration of ethnic groups in the country, promote cultural dialogue and raise awareness about ethnic miniorities in Georgia in their own languages.

The cross-platform project in both Azeri and Armenian languages was launched with an official event attended by representatives of international organisations, diplomatic corps and others.

GPB Director General Vasil Maglapheridze said: "Diversity of Georgia will be hosted by a young and motivated team. On World Press Freedom Day, I want to wish them freedom and great success!"

The project includes news programmes in the Azeri and Armenian languages; 12 hours of non-stop online radio and TV broadcasts; documentary materials; and entertainment programmes in both Georgian and regional languages.

More information is available on GPB's website.


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