PRESS RELEASE published on 12 Jun 2018

EBU calls for dedicated media innovation scheme in Horizon Europe

The EBU calls for a dedicated media innovation funding scheme to be established as part of Horizon Europe - the new Research and Innovation Framework Programme proposed by the European Commission to succeed Horizon 2020.

As the debate about the next EU long-term budget continues, EBU Director General Noel Curran said: "Europe’s strong tradition of investing in innovation and R&D for media and broadcasting is undeniable. However, to support innovation and creativity in the European media sector, we need to bridge the current gaps between technological innovation, creative content production and R&D.

"To this end, it is crucial that the new Research and Innovation Framework Programme, Horizon Europe, establishes a dedicated funding programme for media innovation. The creation of such scheme would lay the foundations for well-resourced collaboration in media technology research, which would help unleash its potential and, more importantly, ensure that the European media sector remains relevant in an increasingly competitive global market."

The EBU believes that Horizon Europe needs to have a clear and strong focus on European media to enable them to remain at the forefront of innovation, quality and independent broadcasting. "Only by combining technological innovation, creative content production and R&D can the European media sector thrive in today’s digitally convergent ecosystems", said Curran.

On May 24, the EBU participated in a debate with representatives from the European Parliament, European Commission and a variety of media organisations to discuss the challenges facing media innovation.

Media sector representatives highlighted the need for more significant funding and investment to support research and innovation in the media and creative sectors. Such a step would contribute towards nourishing know-how and skills in Europe, accelerating the transition from ideas to commercial implementation, attracting young creatives and technology experts and, ultimately, benefit audiences across Europe.

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