NEWS published on 14 Sep 2018

EBU thanks Sven Lescuyer for Sport Committee service.
New Chairman NRK’s Runar Østmo is elected

A new Chairman was elected today at the 23rd Sports Assembly, as France Télévisions’s Sven Lescuyer leaves the role, having served since 2011.

Runar Østmo, from Norway’s NRK will serve as the new Chair for a one-year term with full elections being held in 2019.

Laurent-Eric Le Lay (FT), Declan McBennett (RTÉ), Pavel Bulatskiy (BTRC) and Vitomir Saraivanov (BNT) were also elected onto the Sports Committee.

On his departure Sven said "It was an honour to serve as Chairman and I will really miss the community. The relationships are very strong, they are about working together and building together.”

“What has never changed has been the importance of the sports community within the EBU - the strength of public service media in sports, the importance of sports for our channels and the importance of joint acquisition. I think it is hard to find a better place of discussion, exchange and of collaboration on joint projects.”

“At the same time the market changed a lot, we faced many new players, and new developments, but through this the importance of the EBU was confirmed. The recent work enabling the EBU to change the way it operates and the way Members work together has been crucial, and it has been very interesting to be part of those changes.”

EBU Director of Sport Stefan Kürten said of Sven “I honestly and openly thank Sven for all he has done for EBU Sport and for our Members. We could always count on his skills, intelligence and professionalism. Sven’s independence in thinking, his quickness in grasping new challenges and the way he skilfully dealt with EBU matters was always impressive for me. I would like to extend grateful thanks from myself and our Members for all the years of service and all his wisdom. We now all welcome Runas Østmo into the role.”

On his appointment NRK’s Runar Østmo said “I am very glad to have been elected as Chair for the EBU Sports Committee. I am really looking forward to taking part in this important period for EBU Sport. I wish to contribute in making the EBU an effective and important tool for Members for Sports rights acquisitions, especially by securing Member involvement and participation.”

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