NEWS published on 01 Oct 2018

Sharing lessons learned so far on digital transformation at RTÉ

Sharing lessons learned so far on digital transformation at RTÉ
(l-r) Jukka Niva YLE, Hildegun Soldal NRK, Sasha Scott EBU, Johan Wahlberg SVT, Marijke Celis VRT, Hans Hoffman EBU, Ezra Eeman EBU, Nicola Caligiore RAI, Eoghan O'Sullivan EBU, Ignacio Gomez Hernandez RTVE, Pierre Bonte RTBF, Ana Dias Fonseca, RTP, Robert Amlung ZDF, Richard Waghorn RTÉ, Jonas Stricker BR.

Representatives of 11 EBU Members have met in Dublin (26-27 Sept) to learn how RTÉ is tackling the challenge of digital transformation.

The Irish broadcaster kicked off its One RTÉ programme in 2017 and generously offered to share the lessons learned so far in the context of the EBU Digital Transformation Initiative. 

Presenting the One RTÉ programme, Director of Transformation and Technology Richard Waghorn said that the change is "about shifting from the silo structure to a new collaborative way of thinking".

A new organizational structure has been introduced, replacing separate business units, each of which had its own operational team, with a new divisional structure. For example, a division titled Audiences, Channels and Marketing handles strategy for TV, radio and online as well as audience insights and external partnerships; the Content division is comprised of eight units focused around specific genres such as drama, entertainment or sport.

A clear and unified voice from the top management is an important enabler for the change programme at RTÉ. However, a 12-person Change Leadership Team drawn from across the organization has also been key to ensuring open two-way communication about the plans.

There are six initiatives under which the One RTÉ programme is organized. They are:

1. Working together: staff engagement and change management
2. Leading the way: growing a performance-led culture
3. Creating smarter: empowering staff to identify ways of improving how they work
4. Defining teams: the organizational structure
5. Renewing our tech: investing in technology projects that can support the transformation
6. Building our future: workspaces, property and infrastructure

Several different methodologies are used to deliver the initiatives, each of which has several deliverables, mostly with measurable indicators attached. The One RTÉ programme is essential to the delivery of RTÉ's newly developed 5-year strategy, currently being validated by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

The representatives of EBU Members who joined the workshop in Dublin welcomed the opportunity to do a deep dive into the strategy of RTÉ as a means of assessing their own progress on transformation. 

Additional insights from the workshop will be available shortly on our Digital Transformation Initiative page.


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