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The future of media is digital. As a result, public service media (PSM) must engage in organizational transformation to meet the changing needs and expectations of a digital world.

Successful transformation means applying digital culture, practices, processes, and technology to rethink and redefine how organizations operate.

The advent of the COVID-19 crisis has made the case for transformation in the clearest possible way: The imperative is critical, and the cost of failure has risen exponentially.

The digital transformation initiative (DTI) was established to support EBU Members through this process by providing bespoke services, tools, and expertise.

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Dr. Sasha Scott
Project Lead, Digital Transformation
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You'll find useful insights and tools through our strategic guides and other publications. Click on the "More publications" to find more resources in our publications library to help you with your digital transformation.

21 JULY 2021
DTI Casebook Series: GPB's Digital-first Strategy

DTI Casebook Series: GPB's Digital-first Strategy Members Only

As part of the Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) casebook series, we look at how Georgian Public...

10 MAY 2021
DTI Casebook Series: ERR's Newsroom Transformation

DTI Casebook Series: ERR's Newsroom Transformation Members Only

When deciding to change the mindset and approach of the newsroom, Estonian Public Broadcasting (ERR)...

03 FEBRUARY 2021
DTI Digital Readiness Review: Teleradio Moldova

DTI Digital Readiness Review: Teleradio Moldova Members Only

The Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) has been developing a portfolio of new services with the...

How we help

Future of Work

COVID-19 has fundamentally altered how we work and even how we understand the jobs that we do.
A lot has been discussed in terms of emergency responses and crisis management, but it is now clear that in many respects the old days are gone for good, and it is time to make decisions for the long term.

As we move forward, Members are looking to find the balance between what worked before, what has been learnt during the crisis, and what will need to happen to succeed in the future. The DTI team have set-up a dedicated community for Members to engage in an open discussion, share best practice, and look at the COVID crisis and its long-term impact on the ‘future of work’.

Some issues and topics being covered:

  • Organizing for a permanently distributed workforce
  • Impacts on people, infrastructure, technology or processes
  • How do we measure the effectiveness of work from home?
  • Emerging policies and/or process
  • Industry best practice and trends on future hybrid working models

To join the community, please use this link to request access to the Future of Work Microsoft Teams space.

Knowledge Hub

Search the latest research, guides and videos made for and by the EBU community. Explore the issues and gain insights on the challenges and opportunities for public service media.

Access the Knowledge Hub here.


Customized Support Packages

The DTI offers a range of services that can be tailored to the needs of your organization:

  • Short on-site workshops to create awareness about digital transformation in the context of PSM
  • Hands-on sessions to build a vision for digital transformation and identify challenges, goals and enablers
  • A peer-to-peer assessment of your digital maturity and capability for digital transformation
  • Specific tailored intervention based on Member’s needs and objectives

The EBU has a dedicated team to support you with your digital transformation. We also draw from the expertise of all EBU departments and our peer network in delivering our tailored services. Support is planned according to feasibility, capacity and the resource requirements of the request.

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Future of Work Group Monthly Meeting

Future of Work Group Monthly Meeting

This monthly meeting of the Future of Work group will focus on the transformation of work post-COVID-19.

19 MAY 2021
Future of Work Group Monthly Meeting

Future of Work Group Monthly Meeting

Every month the Future of Work group meet to discuss latest developments.

14 APRIL 2021
Future of Work Group Monthly Meeting

Future of Work Group Monthly Meeting

The Group meets on a monthly basis to discuss transformative policies, tools and ideas that will define the future of work which, due to COVID-19, is already arriving.