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The challenge public service media (PSM) face is to adapt, evolve and transform our operations into ones fit for a digital future.

Transformation is not just about digitizing how content is made and delivered to audiences; it means rethinking how work gets done, how data drives decisions, and how people are organized to create a culture of continuous learning, growth and improvement. In short, it means aligning your organization with the future of work.

Digital is simply the world we live in.

The Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) is here to help, with new services to support Members realize their transformation through the power of people, technology and innovation.

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Transformation reviews

Our services involve bringing EBU experts and PSM peers to work directly on your transformation strategy.

The model incorporates a review of the operational, technological, organizational and cultural status of the organization based on the DTI Enablers Framework developed by the EBU.

Our services are delivered under the banner of the Digital Transformation Initiative, but involve experts from right across the EBU.

Both the Peer-to-Peer and the Agile Review provide Members with expert analysis of their transformational status. The process considers both the strategy and the levers for change.

There is an additional fee to access the services, which are delivered on a cost-sharing, user-pay basis on a sliding scale according to Member tiers.

DTI Peer Review

Our peer reviews deliver in-depth analysis of your organization over a three-step process.

  1. The Member assessment through an intake survey
  2. The on-site visit of the expert group
  3. The preparation of a report that translates findings into strategic insights and meaningful actions.

DTI Agile Review

Our agile review is a “problem-based” intervention, bringing a small team of experts to dive into a specific challenge or issue faced by an EBU Member concerning their larger digital transformation journey.

The service is based on the same principles as the peer review, but is scaled to be delivered through a compressed process and flexible format designed to deliver targeted, tailored and practical levers for change, at speed.

Tailored support

We are available to work on your transformation challenges in a way that works for you.

Get in touch to learn about the different ways we have worked with members, and discuss how we and our community of transformation peers can help you.

Take a look at the EBU Transformation Review Services Brochure

Latest reviews

24 MAY 2023
Transformation Agile Review: BNR - Increasing the impact and reach of digital content and services

Transformation Agile Review: BNR - Increasing the impact and reach of digital content and services Members Only

Bulgarian National Radio has made big changes in reorganizing and redirecting resources towards digital,...

13 JANUARY 2023
Transformation Agile Review: CyBC - Building A Culture for Change

Transformation Agile Review: CyBC - Building A Culture for Change Members Only

The review team’s mission was to focus on the culture, people and process issues that will give CyBC...

13 JANUARY 2023
Transformation Peer Review: LRT An Opportune Moment for Bold Steps Forward - Part One

Transformation Peer Review: LRT An Opportune Moment for Bold Steps Forward - Part One Members Only

For LRT, the transformation goal is to make irreversible changes that will ensure its future as a truly...

Future of work group

COVID-19 has fundamentally altered how we work and even how we understand the jobs that we do.

A lot has been discussed in terms of emergency responses and crisis management and in many respects the old days are gone for good. We have a truly transformational opportunity, and it is now time to make decisions that will shape our organizations in the long term.

As we move forward, Members are looking to find the balance between what worked before, what has been learnt during the crisis, and what will need to happen to succeed in the future. We have established a dedicated community for Members to engage in an open discussion. Our emphasis is on sharing the policies, processes, and practices EBU Members are putting in place today that will define the future of work for PSM.

We meet monthly for open debate, and in ad-hoc special events. Find out more on the Future of Work Group page.


Built on the core DTI Enablers Framework, our guides provide useful insights and tools for your transformation journey.

26 AUGUST 2021
Digital Transformation Initiative Playbook

Digital Transformation Initiative Playbook Members Only

The Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) Playbook is designed to help public service media practitioners...

20 APRIL 2020
Digital Transformation Initiative Casebook

Digital Transformation Initiative Casebook Members Only

The Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) Casebook presents a framework for the organizational transformatio...

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