CASE STUDIES published on 13 Jan 2023

Transformation Peer Review: LRT An Opportune Moment for Bold Steps Forward - Part One

For LRT, the transformation goal is to make irreversible changes that will ensure its future as a truly digital organization which thrives for the generations to come. This report is the product of the EBU Transformation Peer Review programme, which LRT undertook in early 2022. It identifies and celebrates current achievements and strengths, while focusing on priorities and practical levers for LRT’s organizational transformation.

This document is one element of the review programme: self-assessment questionnaire, on-site visit, and report. The report itself is in two parts. Part One contains the top-level findings and recommendations produced as a result of the team’s analysis of the self-assessment questionnaire, extensive interviews during the onsite visit, and various supplementary readings. 

Part Two contains a detailed commentary structured according to the DTI framework. It includes data and analysis that don’t fall neatly into the main findings and provides space for the detailed observations made by the team. Part Two is not available for download; if you are interested in learning more about Part Two, please reach out to Sasha Scott.

The Digital Transformation Initiative (DTI) has a portfolio of services aimed at helping EBU Members drive their digital transformation and build stronger, sustainable organizations fit for the digital future, bringing EBU experts and public service media peers to work directly on Members’ transformation strategies. Our services incorporate a review of the operational, technological, organizational, and cultural status of the organization based on the DTI Enablers Framework developed by the EBU.

Publishing the review report is important to the project, ensuring that best practices and operational principles are shared across the Membership, and helping make the case for digital transformation more widely.

For more information on these services please contact Sasha Scott.