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Future of Work: Optimizing Workforce Capabilities

The upcoming February meeting of the Future of Work Group will feature the following distinguished speakers: Tove Mylläri, AI Innovation Lead, Yle, Tamara Shubladze, Head of Human Resources, GPB and Dorien Verckist, Senior Media Analyst, EBU-MIS.

Tove Mylläri: Upgrade yourself and work with AI literacy

Tove Mylläri will highlight the importance of learning about AI for both personal enjoyment and career advancement. She will share a few examples of new AI technologies and explain how understanding AI can create new opportunities for growth and innovation. The session will also feature exclusive insights into Yle's own AI projects and ideas, showing how the organization uses technology to benefit its employees, audience, and stakeholders. In today's digital world, knowing about AI isn't just helpful – it's crucial for personal and professional development.

Tamara Shubladze: Empowering staff for success in GPB's Digital Transformation

Tamara Shubladze will provide a comprehensive examination of GPB's digital transformation journey, delving into initiatives that have driven the organization toward digital maturity. This includes substantial investments in training and skill development, as well as the cultivation of an innovative and adaptable culture within GPB. Recognizing the vital role of empowering its staff to embrace change and navigate the evolving digital terrain, GPB has implemented a variety of training programs, mentorship initiatives, and collaborative endeavors. These efforts are meticulously crafted to furnish teams with the essential skills and mindset required to flourish in an increasingly digital-centric landscape.

Dorien Verckist: Navigating tomorrow's PSM workforce: insights from the MIS report

Dorien Verckist will present the most important takeaways from the MIS report “Public Service Media Staff of Tomorrow”, published in February 2024. The report aims to provide a reliable pan-European understanding of public service media (PSM) as an employer, as well as the wider context PSM operates in. The report covers key statistics on PSM staff and its composition, using the unique data collection of the MIS Survey. It also investigates important developments in the labour market and how these affect PSM competitiveness, the rise of new roles following technological innovation and sustainability requirements, and the critical issue of skill shortages. The report concludes by underlining the essential importance of retaining staff, reskilling, and upskilling.

The session is open to all EBU Members If you would like to learn more or join the group please contact Natalia Beregoi or Sasha Scott.


Tove Mylläri

AI Innovation Lead, YLE (Finland)

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Tamara Shubladze

Head of Human Resources, GBP (Georgia)

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Dorien Verckist

Senior Media Analyst, EBU