NEWS published on 28 Nov 2018

AVMS to come into force in September 2020

The EBU welcomes the publication of the AVMS in the Official Journal of the EU, which sets a clear deadline for its implementation at national level.

The EBU was actively involved in the revision of the Audio Visual Media Services Directive (AVMS) and commends the fact that it maintains key provisions of the original AVMS Directive to secure access to impartial news, information and major events and ensure pluralism, diversity and inclusion.

Simultaneously the revision modernises the Directive's rules, ensuring both changing audience habits and the increased role of new audiovisual platforms are taken into consideration.  

Now the robustness of the revised AVMS Directive will depend on the implementation of the proposed rules by national governments and regulators. To that end, the EBU and its Members call upon Member States to ensure a swift and effective implementation (by September 2020) and enforcement of the agreed AVMS Directive.

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