NEWS published on 13 Dec 2018

Božidar Sundic appointed Managing Director of RTCG

Božidar Sundic has been appointed as the new Managing Director of our Montenegrin Member RTCG.

The RTCG Council appointed him with a four-year mandate.

Božidar Sundic is an experienced journalist, editor-in-chief and executive director. He started his journalistic career in 1982 in Radio Titograd. He was editor-in-chief and owner of Radio Gorica, director and editor-in-chief of RTV Elmag, executive director of Pink M television, executive director of RTV Atlas, editor of Radio 98, acting director of TVCG and acting managing director of RTCG.

Božidar is from Niksic and graduated from the Faculty of Metalurgy and Technology in Podgorica.

Contact detail

Radka Betcheva
Head of Member Relations Central and Eastern Europe

+41 22 717 2006