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EBU and Eurofins Digital Testing partner on UHDTV standards and logo

13 September 2019
EBU and Eurofins Digital Testing partner on UHDTV standards and logo

The EBU has partnered with Eurofins Digital Testing, a global leader in end-to-end quality assurance (QA) and testing services, to ensure that future high-quality broadcast content can be properly displayed and enjoyed on consumer TV sets.

In an effort to give clarity to both broadcasters and consumers, the EBU has published a set of key distribution parameters (EBU Tech 3372) for Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) video and audio.

Eurofins has created a certification logo, referencing the EBU specification, which manufacturers will be permitted to use for TV sets that have been tested to be interoperable with television signals matching the EBU’s specification.

Together, the EBU specification Tech 3372 and the Eurofins logo aim to give broadcasters more planning security when choosing UHDTV parameters for their services; and consumers the security of purchasing a TV set that will allow them to take full advantage of the broadcasters’ existing and future high quality immersive TV services for years to come.

EBU Director of Technology & Innovation Antonio Arcidiacono: “With the current multiplicity of options it became clear that our Members needed a stable and secure specification for their UHDTV planning strategies. The collaboration with Eurofins ensures that the broadcast signal parameters are matched by receiving technologies provided by CE device manufacturers.”

“Ensuring a high-quality UHDTV experience is essential for broadcasters, TV manufacturers, and consumers,” said Johan Craeybeckx, Business Line Director at Eurofins. “Eurofins is proud to collaborate with the EBU to enable companies to certify that their products meet the standards defined by this new logo.”

The EBU specification Tech 3372 covers several aspects of UHDTV: higher resolution (4k), High Dynamic Range (HDR), Wider Colour Gamut (WCG) and Next Generation Audio (NGA). This ensemble of technologies is capable of delivering a superior and more immersive media experience.

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