NEWS published on 08 Oct 2019

EBU Academy pilot on object based audio is a success

Frédéric Changenet, de Radio France, échange avec des participants

EBU Academy, together with EBU Members Université France Télévisions and Radio France, launched a brand new pilot Master Class on Object Based Audio (OBA) last week. Eleven sound engineers from France Télévisions, RFI-France Médias Monde, VRT, RTBF, RTS and Radio Canada took part in the course which was delivered in French.

OBA allows producers to deliver a single, multi-purpose audio package that can be rendered and played back on any device, from mono devices to sophisticated and fully immersive audio setups. OBA offers many advantages to the listeners as accessibility features are designed into the format, like the ability to personalize a listening experience.

During the pilot course, participants discovered the production chain and tools available to create and manipulate audio objects. On the second day at Radio France they worked with trainers and experts to analyze specific OBA workflows for Sports events, dramas, live concerts and more.

François Goupil, Chief Sound Engineer at Radio Canada said, “Immersive sound technologies open up new possibilities for podcasts and for younger audiences who consume audio content on their mobile with their headphones on”. 

The second day in the experimental studio of the French Public Radio organization was organized by Hervé Déjardin, Chief Sound Engineer at Radio France. He insisted on the new audio technologies being an enabler for creatives, “It is time to test and try new audio storytelling techniques”.

The content was developed together with Paola Sunna, from EBU Technology and Innovation and Matthieu Parmentier, R & D Projects Manager at France Televisions.

Following the success of the pilot, EBU Academy is hoping to offer the Master Class in English in 2020.

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