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EU Policies for Media and Democracy: EBU publishes priorities

02 October 2019
EU Policies for Media and Democracy: EBU publishes priorities

The EBU has called on EU policy makers to champion media policies that will protect the vital role public service media (PSM) plays in democratic societies.

In publishing its policy priorities for the next 5 years, the EBU has called on policy makers to support European media and ensure citizens can continue to access independent, diverse sources of news and information.

With the rise of global platforms and an accompanying influx of ‘fake news’ and disinformation, its essential to develop media policies that are fit for the future and protect Europe’s proud tradition of a free and independent media.

Building on recent regulation, we believe more work is needed to ensure a fair and transparent online platform environment with platforms being held accountable for the content they publish.

Public service media should also be able to benefit from the data platforms collect about the use of their content and services and be able to invest in innovative partnerships that safeguard media pluralism.

Other priorities include supporting the reliable distribution of PSM content, encouraging efficient rights clearance for multi-platform content and ensuring public value content is easy to access.

“As our recent report showed, strong public service media is critical to the functioning of healthy democracies” said Nicola Frank, EBU Head of EU Affairs.

“Together with our public service Members, we believe EU policy makers must address the priorities we have outlined today to ensure PSM is able to continue to deliver accessible, quality content to the largest possible audience in a fair environment. We look forward to further discussions in the years ahead.”

The full list of priorities are:

  • Defending media freedom and pluralism
  • Securing a fair online platform environment
  • Delivering the increased responsibility of online platforms
  • Ensuring access to user-data to support innovation
  • Making competition policy fit for purpose in the global digital marketplace
  • Supporting efficient and reliable distribution of PSM content
  • Ensuring public value content is easy to access and find
  • Building trust through clear brand visibility
  • Preserving the open internet
  • Encouraging efficient rights clearance for multi-platform offers
  • Accelerating European media innovation

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