NEWS published on 03 Oct 2019

Success for EBU Academy’s second Regional Learning Hub in Tbilisi

Success for EBU Academy’s second Regional Learning Hub in Tbilisi
Participants au pôle d’apprentissage régional de Tbilissi

The ‘Storytelling using Social Media’ course brought together teams of professionals from our Members and gave them an opportunity which they may not have otherwise had to develop new skills and, more importantly, put them into practice immediately.

23 journalists from Armenian Radio, Armenian Television and Georgian Broadcasters were all supported by the EBU on their personal learning journey.

Social digital media is a currently a popular focus in this region. Vergine Andriasyan, a famous vlogger in Armenia, said with warm enthusiasm: “The two days here were amazing, interesting, funny”.

EBU faculty member, Justin Kings, was highly praised, “Justin is an amazing, warm and inspirational person- it was a joy to meet and learn so much from him”.

Tinatin Berdzenishvili, First Deputy Director General, Georgian Public Broadcaster, was incredibly happy with the course and people’s positive feedback.

Head of EBU Academy, Nathalie Labourdette, says: “In line with the Together Strategy, EBU Academy will continue to support Members in this region by organizing two on-line learning sessions in mid-November 2019 and early February 2020.”

These sessions will aim to answer any questions participants might have post learning, provide them with coaching and advice and review the implementation on the key actions agreed based on their individual learning journeys.

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