NEWS published on 03 Feb 2021

EBU publishes guidance on the national rules necessary to ensure prominence of PSM services

The EBU has launched a new guide for Members on the national rules that governments should implement to ensure prominence of public service media (PSM) services on online platforms. As IP-delivery becomes an important means of content delivery in Europe and audience behaviour is changing (particularly that of younger audiences), PSM is increasingly dependent on powerful global platforms and interfaces to deliver their services, some of which are vertically integrated competitors. PSM lack the bargaining power to insist on inclusion on such platforms and the findability/prominence of their services.

Regulatory intervention is necessary to protect PSM services and ensure they remain universally accessible for all. As prominence is not prescribed in the EU's Audiovisual Media Services Directive, national authorities and governments must implement an adequate prominence condition now to safeguard PSM across Europe.

This document is for EBU members only.


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