NEWS published on 03 Feb 2022

EBU reacts to closure of Deutsche Welle’s news operation in Moscow

Image of Moscow

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) today stands with its Member, Deutsche Welle (DW) in opposition to the Russian government's decision to close DW's news bureau in Moscow and to withdraw the press credentials of all DW staff, as being against both the spirit and practice of fundamental media freedoms. 

“It is essential that DW is able to report on events in Russia, without hindrance,” said Liz Corbin, EBU Head of News. "Freedom of expression and freedom of the press are central to accurate news reporting and to the commitment of public service broadcasters to serve the interests of all audiences everywhere. These are crucial at the best of times. During times of crisis, they are non-negotiable. 

“Restricting the freedom to report on global events of international significance simply undermines trust in news and creates vacuums in which disinformation and misinformation can flourish.  

"Additionally, the threat by the Russian government to label DW under its foreign agent law would be wholly unjustified. Over the past few years this law has been used to cripple independent journalists and their organizations and is incompatible with the principles of a free press.

“We strongly urge that this decision is reversed with immediate effect.”