EXECUTIVE APPOINTMENTS published on 28 Jan 2022

Vladimir Turcanu elected Director General of Moldovan Public Broadcaster TRM

Vladimir Turcanu elected Director General of Moldovan Public Broadcaster TRM
Vladimir Turcanu

Vladimir Turcanu has been appointed as Director General of Moldova’s national public broadcaster, TRM, for a seven-year mandate. He was elected by the broadcaster’s Supervisory and Development Board with 58 votes.

An award-winning journalist, Vladimir brings his rich experience and training in media to the helm of TRM. For the past 5 years he served as Director of Moldova’s Ecuatii TV, and in 2017 he worked in parallel at the Soros Foundation as Coordinator of the Media Laboratory.

He has also served as Adviser on Public Communications to the President of the Republic of Moldova, Chief Editor at Radio Chisinau/Radio Romania, and Member of the National Broadcasting Council. Additionally, he worked with the USAID-backed International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) to train journalists and TV station directors.

Commenting on his appointment, Vladimir said, “I assure all political actors that they will have the right representation on public radio and television, taking into account their position in society.”

“The employees of Radio Moldova and Moldova 1 deserve decent working conditions, in order to be able, in turn, to provide quality public broadcasts. The structural transformations that we are considering are meant to reconfigure this institution from the ground up, so that it can meet the expectations that society has. Ultimately, through joint efforts, TRM has the chance to become an attractive media platform both for professionals in the field and for listeners and viewers.”

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