NEWS published on 20 Apr 2023

Introducing the Sustainability Rulebook

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On 20 April, the EBU published the first installment of a new series, the Sustainability Rulebook. Every few weeks, this new series will be informing Members on a new regulation on sustainability coming from the EU.

Our first instalment introduces the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). This legislation requires large and/or listed companies to publish regular reports on social and environmental risks, including impacts on the rights of people and the environment. The aim is to enable investors, civil society, consumers and other stakeholders to evaluate how sustainable these companies are.

The CSRD is part of the European Green Deal – a set of policy initiatives by the European Commission aiming to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions and achieve climate-neutrality by 2050.

There is a long list of sustainable initiatives in the pipeline that are set to transform the media sector over the coming years. The EBU is here to help and guide public service media through these changes.

Read now: The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

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