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EBU reaction to 'network fees' debate

22 May 2023
EBU reaction to 'network fees' debate

The EBU has submitted its response to the European Commission’s Exploratory Consultation on ‘The future of the electronic communications sector and its infrastructure’.

For public service media, excellent connectivity and digital technology is of key importance for the development of new services, formats and technologies. Audiences also benefit through access to their media of choice whenever they want it.

Public service media aim to have quality content for every citizen, and connectivity is a means to reach this end. The high level of investment by Public Service Media alongside other audiovisual and audio media service providers in attractive content and innovative formats actively drive the success of Europe's electronic communications sector, including the demand and take-up of network connectivity.

Policy debates on the future of the electronic communications sector and its infrastructure have a significant impact on the audiovisual and audio media sector in Europe and on its citizens. The EBU finds that the current Internet delivery model works well and remains key for securing access to a diverse and plural content offer.

Download our full response to the right.

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Vincent Sneed

Senior EU Policy Adviser