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AI Act: European Parliament makes good progress

15 June 2023
Luminous AI sign

On 14 June, the European Parliament voted in favour of its report on the AI Act. Trilogue negotiations kicked off officially just a few hours later. The EBU welcomes the decisive action on this important file.

Public Service Media use AI systems to produce and deliver news, content and services to citizens. For example, the EBU-led digital news project ‘A European Perspective’ uses AI enabled recommendation and translation tools (Peach and EuroVox) to deliver real-time news reviewed by editorial teams across borders and in local language. The EBU is also part of the European project aiming at developing AI tools to fight disinformation.

The proposed changes by the European Parliament will improve the AI Act, in particular in the following areas:

  • The report will help clarify the application of transparency requirements for the use of ‘deep fake’ AI systems in creative or fictional works & programmes, ensuring that the audience experience is not negatively affected.

  • Developers of generative AI systems will be required to disclose information about copyright protected data that is used to train generative AI systems. This will help shed some light on how media content is used to develop such tools.

  • The context of the use of an AI system and its impact on the health, safety and fundamental rights of end users will be better taken into account to qualify AI systems as high-risk.

The EBU looks forward to continuing discussions with policy makers to share the innovative, but responsible ways that public service media are using AI.

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François Lavoir

Senior EU Policy Adviser