Call for Podcast Formats


Call for Podcast Formats

The EBU Call for Podcast Formats is an annual initiative to collect new, innovative and successful podcasts from across the EBU membership. Issued by the EBU Radio Unit, the call is designed to support the exchange of audio formats and facilitate knowledge sharing among Members.

The 2024 call is now closed. The next edition of the Call for Podcasts will open in Spring 2025

What we are looking for

  • Inspiring, innovative or successful podcasts;
  • Podcasts that have the potential to be adapted in another country;
  • Podcasts that align with our special focus for 2024, which is 'always-on shows' (as opposed to short-run intensive series):
  • Any topic or genre, as long as the podcast has been a success and has been released continuously throughout the year, whether weekly, biweekly or some other frequency (and not just a limited series with a pre-defined number of episodes);
  • These must be original podcasts, not radio shows made available on demand;
  • The podcasts should build a consistent relationship with the audience, and entries should explain how that is done.
  • Pitches for new ideas for joint podcast productions that would be co-productions or co-funded projects involving multiple partners;


  • When submitting a podcast, define what success means to you – i.e. explain what your KPIs are and show how you met them with this podcast. Describe the ways in which this podcast can be inspiring for your colleagues in other countries or language communities
  • If proposing a format for adaptation : the subject of the podcast should be of international interest and/or convey universal values. The clearance of rights (music, authors, archives) must be reasonable. Original sound design must be replicable (files should come with separate tracks – spoken word, sound design, audio jingles, etc.). Podcasts should be scripted or semi-scripted (applicable for potential adaptations).
  • There is no restriction with regard to genre or duration.
  • For new pitches, the idea should be relevant to potential co-producers.

Who can participate

The call is open to EBU Members (active as well as associate) only.

If an independent production is submitted, this submission must be done via an EBU Member’s internal team.

How to submit your work

Please use this form to submit your work.

If there are problems uploading files or inserting any specific information, please contact us directly.

What happens next

This call is closely linked with the EBU Podcast Forum, taking place on 29–30 August in Berlin hosted by rbb.

A limited number of podcasts will be selected to be presented or pitched by their producers at the event. This offers a unique opportunity to present your work directly to your peer network and exchange knowledge or formats in person during the event. Those selected for presentation at the EBU Podcast Forum will be asked to provide a short (up to 5 minutes) video trailer or audio extract with original sound and English subtitles.

All selected producers will be notified by the end of June and will receive further information on how to prepare for their presentation.

Podcast Catalogue

The Call for Podcasts will also be used as the basis for a catalogue that will be published ahead of the EBU Podcast Forum and shared with the entire EBU radio community. The catalogue, featuring a wider selection of podcasts than those presented at the event, will provide a description of each podcast along with practical information and contacts for those interested in adapting the format.

Members can submit up to six podcasts in response to the call, however, a maximum of three podcasts per company will be included in the catalogue.

For more information, please contact Julien Hamou, Project Manager, EBU Radio.


Julien Hamou
Project Manager