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18 Jan 2017
EBU position - EU Regulation on Broadcasters Online Transmissions 
Why the European Commission’s Proposal for a Regulation on broadcasters’ online transmissions and retransmissions (broadcasting regulation) should be supported.
11 Jan 2017
EBU Head of Radio Graham Dixon speaks at Digital Radio Switchover ceremony - Bodø, Norway - 11 January 2017 
Exactly twenty years ago, working for the BBC, I came to Norway to learn about your first new digital channel. It is therefore an honour to be here today - in my EBU role - as part of this historic moment. This is indeed a unique moment in radio history. It is testimony to the vitality and adaptability of radio. It shows that the medium can be renewed for the contemporary world. Your confidence in radio and its importance for society is an inspiration for the whole industry.
08 Dec 2016
Funding of Public Service Media 2016 members only
This study offers an accurate and comprehensive picture of the financial situation of our Members, providing valuable data and arguments for their advocacy activities. In addition, thanks to the in-depth analysis carried out, the report highlights the impact of current economic challenges and changes to funding mechanisms in different markets.
08 Dec 2016
Funding of Public Service Media 2016: Executive Summary members only
Presents the main findings of the EBU report: Funding of Public Service Media 2016
08 Dec 2016
Funding of Public Service Media 2016 (Public Version) 
This publication provides the main findings and a selection of charts and maps from the report Funding of Public Service Media 2016.
08 Dec 2016
Public Service Media: Value for Money 
Discover the value European public service media deliver to the citizens despite the challenge of diminishing financial resources and increasing competition
08 Dec 2016
Funding of Public Service Media 2016: Charts, maps and tables members only
This presentation provides the main findings and all charts, tables and maps included in the report, as well as additional charts offering different calculations.
07 Dec 2016
Vision2020: Our Strategic Objectives 2017 
This is an executive summary of the EBU’s priorities and objectives for 2017–2018. We have included some information to help you understand our corporate structure and reporting lines, along with a brief...
07 Dec 2016
PSM Contribution to Society: 2016 report members only
The 2016 edition of the PSM Contribution to Society report is the result of the collaborative work done by the EBU's Media Intelligence Service (MIS) and the EBU Members. It includes a summary of the activities carried out, C2S initiatives by EBU Members, guidelines on project implementation, and details on how to measure PSM's economic impact.
02 Dec 2016
PSM Remit Principles for the Digital Media Age 
The Legal Focus on the PSM Remit identifies non-binding guidance principles to help PSM organizations deal with the critical question of their role in the digital media age.