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22 May 2018
EBU-TT-D Subtitling Distribution Format 

EBU Tech 3380 specifies an XML based format for the distribution of subtitles over IP-based networks. Version 1.0.1 includes two additional features defined in W3C IMSC v1.0.1 and improves compatibility with other profiles of TTML.

17 May 2018
United We Stand Strong 
DG Noel Curran addresses a meeting of public service media in SE Europe on the importance of working together to strengthen PSM across the region.
17 May 2018
EBU Tech 3285 Suppl. 7: chna chunk 

EBU Tech 3285 supplement 7 provides a definition of the <chna> chunk that enables the inclusion of ADM metadata in the BWF file format.

17 May 2018
Review of software for the creation of CG-based videos and AR/VR apps 

This article explores three software packages designed to facilitate the creation of CG-based media applications: Muvizu for building CG clips, Sumerian for the creation of 3D interactive CG applications, and the Magic Leap SDK to test applications in an MR simulator.

16 May 2018
EBU Tech 3285 Suppl. 5: axml chunk 

EBU Tech 3285 supplement 5 provides a definition of a type of data container for storing and transferring metadata as XML in a BWF file: the <axml> chunk.

08 May 2018
Legal Case Study: PSM Management & Supervision Members Only
Study on the governance systems of 12 European countries: legal form, management and supervision
07 May 2018
Example of an end-to-end OBA broadcast architecture and workflow 

This Technical Report provides a concrete and practical example of an object-based audio architecture and workflow, from production to broadcast and broadband delivery.

03 May 2018
Noel Curran Keynote to UN on World Press Freedom Day 
Let me start by thanking the Palais des Nations for hosting this important event and allowing me to talk about press freedom and the rule of law on such an important occasion.  This is an important event,...
27 Apr 2018
Minimum Security Tests for Networked media Equipment 

This recommendation concerns the need for broadcasters, vendors and system integrators to apply on a regular basis a set of security tests to networked media equipment.

25 Apr 2018
Public Service Media Contribution to Democracy Login Only
A reflection on the democratic value of news and why public service media matters in this regard.
20 Apr 2018
Noel Curran Keynote to EBU Media Summit 2018 
I'm delighted to be here today. This is an important event for us. In a world where we are engulfed by the challenges of funding, politics, regulation, and distribution we need to be reminded that our...
19 Apr 2018
Björn Ulvaeus Keynote to Media Summit 2018 
  I probably wouldn’t be standing here before you today if it wasn’t for the magnificent flagship of European Public Broadcasting, the Eurovision Song Contest. As most of you know I was in the winning...
18 Apr 2018
EBU Media Activity Report 2018 Members Only
Our mission is to support EBU Members with high-quality distinctive PSM content and guide them in reaching out and connecting with all categories of audience.
18 Apr 2018
'Fake News' and the Information Disorder 
The European Broadcasting Union, representing 73 public service media organizations across 56 countries, warmly welcomes the European Commission’s initiative on 'fake news' and online disinformation, and is keen to continue the exchange of views with all stakeholders in the debate.
18 Apr 2018
Trust in Media Infographic Login Only
There is a noticeable trust gap between broadcast and new media. While radio and TV are the most trusted media among EU citizens, the internet and social networks are trusted the least.
16 Apr 2018
Learning from Public Service Media in Transformation (Second Edition) Members Only
This report is the first milestone on the roadmap of the EBU Digital Transformation Initiative, to help Members understand and implement the process of restructuring and transforming.
05 Apr 2018
BISS-CA Conditional Access Mode for BISS2 

This document describes the Conditional Access mode of the BISS2 protocol called Mode CA (BISS CA). 

05 Apr 2018
BISS2 Basic Interoperable Scrambling System - v3.0 

This document describes the revised version, BISS2, of the Basic Interoperable Scrambling System.

29 Mar 2018
ADM Renderer for use in NGA Broadcasting 

This document describes the EBU ADM Renderer (EAR) - an audio renderer providing a complete interpretation of the Audio Definition Model (ADM).

08 Mar 2018
Noel Curran Welcome Speech - Digital Media Days 2018 
Noel Curran welcomes delegates to Digital Media Days in Prague