RESEARCH published on 10 Sep 2021

Democracy and Public Service Media

To what extent does a nation’s democratic health relate to the strength of its public service media? And can this correlation be supported by numbers? Take a look at contemporary challenges to democracy such as the rise of authoritarianism, civic disengagement, misinformation, threats to freedom of the press and discover how they relate to public service media.

This new report highlights how public service media strengthen democracy and foster citizenship. Research indeed demonstrates the strong connections between performant well-funded public service media and greater democratic quality. Higher public service media shares also come along with increased political interest of citizens and greater confidence in their ability to participate.

Discover also how public service media provide an antidote to fake news and misinformation undermining democracy. Data in our report show that well-funded public service media go hand in hand with lower exposure to misinformation among citizens.

Watch the webinar recording now and discover the results of this research. 


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