RESEARCH published on 31 Aug 2021

Sports on European TV: Maximising Commercial Value

Free-to-air TV channels reach over 800 million Europeans, leading to increased engagement in sport, greater audience reach and better value for sponsors.

The value of a sport’s sponsorship rights is linked to its reach. A minute of airtime exposure across free-to-air European TV is worth €220,000 equivalent commercial value for sponsors. But, when a sport moves from a free to a premium TV channel, its reach drops by an average of 68% amongst sport fans.

With only a third of sports fans having access to premium sport TV channels and an increasing number unwilling to pay, getting the revenue mix right to ensure reach, engagement and sponsor value is critical.

This new report which has been commissioned by the EBU from Ampere Analysis looks at the trade-offs between reach and revenue for sports rights holders. Read more in our new report...


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