RESEARCH published on 04 Sep 2020

The Economic Impact of Public Radio's Music Activities

The music activities of public radio stations in Europe have a massive economic impact of EUR 3.1 billion. Those music activities support more than 17,000 jobs directly and more than 50,000 jobs in total, including suppliers and their procurement through the value chain. This means that for every job in these music radio operations, a further two roles are supported elsewhere in the European economy.

Find out all the details at country level, EU level and the breakdown for music ensembles in our Economic Impact of Public Radio’s Music Activities report. The report was commissioned and independently produced by Oxford Economics, a world leading consultancy.

Additionally, also for the first time, we are releasing the List of Radio Ensembles (Members only) run by EBU Members. This is a comprehensive list of the 127 music ensembles run by 39 EBU Members across Europe, including 56 orchestras, 47 choirs and 24 additional ensembles. An unmissable resource for our music colleagues!


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