GUIDES published on 14 Jun 2016

Big Data Week - Insights

The EBU Big Data Initiative (BDI) was launched in July 2015 in answer to the increasing relevance of big data strategies for Public Service Media (PSM) and the need for them to leverage big data’s potential, to remain competitive while staying true to their values. To tackle the different facets of big data with a horizontal and comprehensive approach, the EBU BDI is structured as a cross-sectoral project that brings together Members and crucial EBU departments: Public Affairs & Communications (PAC), Technology & Innovation (T&I), Legal, Media, and the Media Intelligence Service (MIS).

To launch the project and create a dynamic community, the first EBU Big Data Week was held in Geneva from 21 to 24 March 2016, comprising three main events :

  1. Eurovision Academy Master Class: For researchers and news professionals on the use of data to better understand audiences and adapt news strategies accordingly
  2. Big Data: a Game Changer for PSM conference: Panels brought together experts from the media sector who have successfully adopted big data in their organizations. On the second day, we tested ideas and thoughts for the future in specialized workshops.
  3. Big Data Hackathon: Organized in collaboration with Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), in which data experts worked through the night to build prototypes and explore new ways to gather and analyse information about Europe’s migration crisis.