STRATEGIC GUIDES published on 03 Dec 2015

Vision2020: Connect, Grow and Influence

We are living in the golden age of radio and television. Never before have audiences had access to such a wide range of high-quality information and entertainment programmes. Despite the many new operators, channels and platforms, public service media (PSM) continue to be the most relevant and the most trusted source of information.

But behind the screens the media industry is undergoing a fundamental change. Driven by technology and new business models, media consumption patterns are changing, albeit less rapidly than one might anticipate.

We observe four trends that have an impact on PSM, on our stakeholders and on the EBU:

  1. The world is becoming digital
  2. Globalization
  3. Social demographics are changing
  4. Internet is a disruptive force

In this Vision2020 report, we explain how these trends affect the EBU, and how we adapt our strategic focus and working practices in response.