GUIDES published on 24 Jan 2019

Your guide to EBU services

As a Member, you are part of a unique community of media organizations from 56 countries that together provide a powerful voice championing and upholding the values of PSM.
We are a network of like-minded people that not only share the same ideals but come together to share knowledge, ideas and inspiration.

By being a Member of the EBU you benefit from:

  • Access to world-class content ranging from exclusive sports rights to our exchanges for news, music and children’s programmes and the Eurovision family of events.
  • An influential voice in Brussels and on international platforms lobbying for public service media and ensuring the optimal legal and technical framework
  • Financial savings through programming exchanges, co-productions and co-developments; collective rights negotiations; specialist advisors; and joint working between Members.
  • Opportunities for sharing, learning and collaborating through conferences, working groups, training and dedicated advice and guidance.

We hope you find this guide to the EBU useful and please get in touch if you would like any further information on our range of services.

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