RESEARCH published on 25 Nov 2022

Public Service Media and Third-Party Platforms

In an increasingly connected media landscape, intermediaries to show content to the public are always more present and impossible to bypass. As with any media organization, public service media (PSM) develop distribution strategies to maximize content delivery to their audience and stay relevant while trying to keep control of this distribution and make their future durable.

The report shows PSM's overall distribution strategies, their tactics for online distribution of public service media content and apps, and details the deals PSM have with big international third-party platforms. Then, the report looks closely at public service media presence in all platform types. Here the dominant strategy seems to be redirecting audiences to their own platforms. 

We intend to enable PSM to visualize where their own distribution strategy lies and to draw comparisons with their counterparts in other European countries. Download the report to find out more about all this and what puts PSM on the path to a successful distribution strategy.


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