VIDEO TALKS published on 02 Nov 2022

Production resources for classical music recordings

How to organize the teams that record concerts? How many people and which roles do you need when broadcasting an opera, an orchestra or a chamber music concert? This session looks into the production resources in classical music recordings – both on the technical and editorial sides. It's aimed at heads of music production that grapple with these issues daily as well as producers, sound engineers and technicians involved in the process. As a base for the discussion, several EBU radio organizations share their models and experiences.


Classical music recordings - resources per organization —  All moderator and speakers (Danish Radio, VRT, SRF, Czech Radio and Swedish Radio)


Jakob Marstrand, Editor of live classical music & EBU, DR P2 (moderator)
Aurélie Ferrière, Music Producer, Swedish Radio P2
Ondřej Holas, Head of Creative Team for Music, Czech Radio
Johan Roekens, Chief Production Facilities, VRT
Els T'Seyen, Producer, Klara, VRT
Ueli Würth, Head of Radio OB Production, SRF