VIDEO TALKS published on 23 Feb 2023

Subscription series: to be or not to be?

Are subscriptions to concerts still a crucial focus for your organization? Are they considered old school or part of the trends of tomorrow? In this session of the Media Ensemble Marketing community, we explore how various organizations are dealing with the concept of concert seasons and subscriptions and with the narrative that they support.

How do you creatively put a series together, what are the tools you use, what target groups do you have in mind and how do you market and sell your subscriptions to maximize revenues? Which subscription is your bestseller and why? In what way do your subscribers receive preferential treatment? Be careful: tangible quick wins ahead!


Jonathan Murphy, Senior Project Manager, Audience Development, BBC Philharmonic (moderator)
Philipp Bauer, Marketing Manager, BR Media
Arnaud Marichez, Assistant to the Secretary General, Box Office and Audience Development, Radio France