VIDEO TALKS published on 07 May 2021

Future PSM Leaders in conversation with current PSM Leaders II

The Future Public Service Media Leaders Group gathered together with current Director Generals Cilla Benko (SR), Noel Curran (EBU) and Marcello Foa (Rai) to discuss remote work and return to office, specifically the impact of remote work for young managers over the last year and their view on how to move forward.


Cilla Benko (SR)
Noel Curran (EBU)
Marcello Foa (Rai)
Nejc Jemec (RTVSLO)
Eva Esposto (RAI)
Céline Raval (SRF)
Mindaugas Jackevicius (LRT)
Caroline Lagergren (SR)
Hanne Kautto (YLE)
Liisu Lass (ERR)
Elene Gabashvili (GBP)
Vladimir Zhdanov (VGTRK)
Sasha Scott (EBU)
Vanessa O'Connor (EBU)
Madiana Asseraf-Jacob (EBU)