VIDEO TALKS published on 26 Apr 2023

A conversation on the challenges and the future of radio and audio

Two leading international experts on the radio and audio landscape, Andrew Davies and Eric Nuzum, sat together to discuss the challenges radio and audio leaders are currently facing. In this in-depth discussion, Eric and Andrew reflect on a wide range of topics, from public service media relation to audio apps; the balance between online content and live radio production; radio vs podcasting; content innovation or how to retain talents in public service media.

“One of the things that distinguishes public broadcasters is that they have the patience, the vision and track record of creating content that is not quick and easy; that has depth to it, that focuses on elements of cultures and ideas and news that others don’t have the resources or the time to pay attention to. That’s the strength,” says Eric Nuzum in this interview.

Listen to the full discussion to get the most out of this very rich interview between two seasoned experts from both sides of the world.

Andrew Davies is the Manager of Digital and Audio Content Development at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and Eric Nuzum is the Co-founder of Magnificent Noise production company, considered a leading “go-to” expert in audio, podcasting, radio, and spoken word entertainment.

The conversation was recorded on the occasion of the Radiodays Europe in Prague in March 2023.


Andrew Davies (ABC)
Eric Nuzum (Magnificent Noise)