VIDEO TALKS published on 04 May 2021

The Why, What and How of Building an Inclusive, Iconic Brand

How to create loyalty beyond reason?

Building on their recent white paper ‘The Business Case for Developing an Inclusive, Iconic Brand’, TwentyFirstCenturyBrand gives an insightful and provocative talk on one of the most urgent issues facing all media brands and platforms in the 2020s.

Neil Barrie andFauzia Musa, respectively CEO & Co-Founder and Editor-at-Large at TwentyFirstCenturybrand, address three critical questions using a mix of actionable tools and insider best practices from Airbnb, Headspace, Bumble Depop and more.

  1. Why: the business case on why building a more inclusive brand creates huge commercial, cultural and employee value
  2. What: a clear definition of what excellence looks like, at both company and brand levels
  3. How: the 7 actions that brands need to take, backed by best practice from insider cases

Neil Barrie (TwentyFirstCenturybrand)
Fauzia Musa (TwentyFirstCenturybrand)